Embed Google Maps to your Website

Embed Google Maps to your Website

Embed Google Maps to your website is a simple way to help visitors where you are based at. With Google Maps you can embed a specific view image, or a street view image.

Google maps has a “Shared or embed map” button feature that provides users with HTML Code to copy to their website.

Let’s see how to do Embed Google Maps to your website:

  1. Go to google.com/maps in your web browser.
  2. Go to the Map view of your wish to embed.
  3. Search the place you want to embed in your website.

    Embed Google Maps in your website
  4. Click on the share icon from the Menu.
  5. Now click on ‘Embed a map’

    Screenshot 2021 06 30 at 16 00 54 Google Maps
  6. Select the size & Click the ‘Copy HTML’ button, you will have a the required HTML code for the map, copied to your clipboard.

Alternative Way (Quick Way)

  1. Visit https://google-map-generator.com/
  2. Search the place you want to embed
  3. Toggle the necessary options you need for your website to display.
    Alternative way to embed Google Maps
  4. Click the ‘Get HTML Code’ button & you will get the Code copied to your clipboard.

Benefits of adding Google maps to your website

  • Helps people find your business
  • It allows people to quickly contact your business
  • You can show image of the location in the search
  • Website links can also be added

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