Interview Questions for React, Angular & Git

Interview Questions for React, Angular, Git | Code Architects

These are general question asked in those topics. Here are few Interview Questions for React, Angular & Git. 🙌This blog on Frontend Developer Interview Questions will help you crack your next interview.


  1. What Is JSX?
  2. What is Virtual DOM? List it’s advantage
  3. What are React Extensions? Name a few of them.
  4. What is an Event in React? How do you create one?
  5. What are Components in ReactJS?
  6. What is a State in React? How do you implement it?
  7. Explain State & Props with difference
  8. What is a Higher Order and Pure Components in React?
  9. How do you Implement React Routing?


  1. What is Data Binding and how does it work? Which Data Binding methods does Angular use?
  2. What is Typescript? 
  3. What is AoT Compilation? How is it different from JiT? 
  4. What are Pipes in Angular? Explain its types
  5. In Angular, what are Promises and Observables?
  6. What are Form Control and Form Groups?
  7. What is Eager and Lazy Loading?
  8. In Angular, what is String Interpolation?


  1. What is ‘Version Control System’?
  2. Differentiate Between Centralized and Distributed Version Control System
  3. Explain Git Push and Git Pull
  4. Name a few Git Commands and function
  5. Explain the Difference Between Git Pull and Git Fetch
  6. What is a Merge Conflict in Git and how can it be resolved?
  7. What is Git Stash?
  8. Differentiate Between Git Merge and Git Rebase

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