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Social share links are very important to every website, you can add them easily in your website. In this tutorial we will go over the top social share buttons link used for media, call & mail as well. Here is a complete list of social share button links that you will find really useful for share icons. 👇

Social Share Buttons

<!-- Twitter -->
<a href="[link]"> Twitter </a>

<!-- Facebook -->
<a href="[link]"> Facebook </a>

<!-- LinkedIn -->
<a href="[link]"> LinkedIn </a>

<!-- Pinterest -->
<a href="[link]&media=[image_link]"> Pinterest </a>

<!-- Google Search -->
<a href="[text]"> Google Search </a>

<!-- WhatsApp -->
<a href="[countrycode + mobilenumer]"> WhatsApp</a>
<!-- <a href=""> WhatsApp </a> -->

<!-- Telegram -->
<a href="[url]&text=[text]"> Telegram </a>

<!-- Reddit -->
<a href="[url]&title=[text]"> Reddit </a>

<!-- Phone -->
<a href="tel:[phone number]"> Call </a>

<!-- Mail -->
<a href="mailto:[email]?subject=[subject]&body=[body text]"> Mail</a>

<!-- Google Plus (Deprecated) -->
<a href="[link]"> Google Plus </a>
[link] or [url]The URL of the website.
[text]Text Content
[image_link]URL of the image
[countrycode]Country code (eg +91, +1, etc)
[mobilenumber]phone number
[email]Email of the user
[subject]Subject of the email
[body text]Message of the email
Social Share Buttons | Code Architects

To ensure that your social share icons are visible and easy to use, it’s important to position them in a prominent location on your website. This could be in the header or footer of your website, or in a sidebar or floating panel.

Additionally, you may want to consider using a plugin or third-party library to help manage your social share icons. This can simplify the process of adding and managing the icons, and can also provide additional features such as tracking the number of shares and displaying them on your website. Read the HTML blogs.

Hope you find this blog helpful. Here is the Gist link. Feel free to write additional links in the comments below.

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