VS Code shortcuts

VS Code shortcuts

You may know a few shortcut keys but there are some hidden keys you need to try. Only focusing on those you need to use more frequently can noticeably make things easier and help you to work more efficiently. With shortcuts, the efficiency & speed of coding can be increased. We’ll show you all the most useful keyboard shortcuts to navigate and operate the Visual Studio Code. Here are some VS Code shortcuts 👇

VS Code Shortcuts

CTRL+ PGo to File
CTRL + SHIFT + TabNavigate editor group history
CTRL + SHIFT + IFormat document
CTRL + /Toggle block comment
CTRL + LSelect current line
CTRL + SHIFT + KDelete line
CTRL + SpacebarTrigger suggestion box
F12Go to Definition
ALT + Up arrow (⬆)Move line up
ALT + Down arrow (⬇)Move line down
CTRL + .Quick fix
CTRL + GGo to line
CTRL + FFind
F3Find Next
SHIFT + F3Fine previous
CTRL + SHIFT + FShow Search
CTRL + `Toggle Integrated Terminal
CTRL + SHIFT + MToggle the Problems panel
CTRL + BToggle Sidebar visibility
CTRL + K + SSave All
CTRL + WClose Current File editor
CTRL + SHIFT + TReopen closed editor

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