Websites every Developer should Follow

Website every developer should follow

Today everything is required to learn as a Software Developer. People have no clue that there are many available Websites to help them learn and grow. Software development is a challenging career that requires continuous learning to be updated with the world of technology. Here is a list of Websites every Developer should follow

1. Hacker News

Hacker News | Code Architects

Hacker News is like Reddit for programmers. It provides all the latest developer news on the go. visit

2. DEV Community

Dev Community | Code Architects

Dev community is a social network for developers. You are given topics to follow, Select the topics you are interested and your feed will be generated based on your topics preferences. Visit

3. Stack OverFlow

StackOverFlow | Code Architects

This is probably the most known website in the Programming community. Most of them have already visited Stack Overflow before. Stack Overflow is a forum-based Q&A website where the developer asks a question and another developer who have faced the same problem writes it answer to help the other developer. Most of the time developers end up finding their solution here. Visit

4. GitHub

Github | Code Architects

GitHub is the largest open-source repository website. Many people use GitHub to share their projects and tutorials. (You can find our here 😉; Self Promotion hehe). GitHub can also be used as a Version Control System. Visit

5. Hackerrank

Hackerrank | Code Architects

Hackerrank is a competition community for programmers. Compete with other programmers to solve problems with your ideas. Challenges are based upon problem-solving, time complexity and space complexity. Many hiring engineers pick from the Hackerrank leader board. Visit

6. SoloLearn

Sololearn | Code Architects

SoloLearn is a proper community for beginners to start their journey. It has many different courses, Code Challenges, 24*7 Code Playground and Forum discussion. Visit

These are few Websites every developer should follow. What are your thoughts on this? Write in the comments below…

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