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You may know a few shortcut keys but there are some hidden keys you need to try. Only focusing on those you need to use more frequently can noticeably make things easier and help you to work more efficiently. We’ll show you all the most useful keyboard shortcuts to navigate and operate the desktop. If you are a Windows user like me, then these shortcuts keys will definitely increase your productivity. Here are Windows shortcut keys you should know. 🔽

WINKEY Shortcuts keys 💻

WINKEY + DBring desktop to the top of other windows
WINKEY + MMinimize all windows
WINKEY + SHIFT + MUndo the minimize done by WINKEY + M or WINKEY + D
WINKEY + EOpen Microsoft Explorer
WINKEY + TabCycle through open programs on the taskbar
WINKEY + FDisplay the Windows Search / Find feature
WINKEY + Ctrl + FDisplay the search for computer window
WINKEY + F1Display the Microsoft Windows Help
WINKEY + ROpen the run window
WINKEY + Pause/BreakOpen the system properties window
WINKEY + UOpen the Utility Manager
WINKEY + LLock the computer
WINKEY + Shift + SScreen Snip Tool

Basic Shortcut keys

Alt + FFile menu options in current program
Alt + EEdit options in the current program
F1Universal Help
Ctrl + ASelects all text
Ctrl + XCuts the selected item
Ctrl + DelCut selected item
Ctrl + CCopy the selected item
Ctrl + InsCopy the selected item
Ctrl + VPaste the selected item
Shift + InsPaste the selected item
HomeTakes the user to the beginning of the current line
Ctrl +HomeGo to the beginning of the document
EndGo to the end of the document line
Ctrl + EndGo to the end of the current line
Shift + HomeHighlight from the current position to the beginning of the current line
Shift + EndHighlight from the current position the beginning of the current line
Ctrl + Left ArrowMove one word to the left at a time
Ctrl + Right ArrowMove one word to the right at a time

General Shortcut Keys

Alt + TabSwitch between open application
Alt + Shift + TabSwitch backward between open applications
Alt + Print ScreenCreate a Screenshot of the current program
Ctrl + Alt + DeleteReboot/ Windows task manager
Ctrl + EscBring up the start menu
F2Rename selected icon
F3Start to find from the desktop
F4Open the drive selection when browsing
F5Refresh Content
Alt + F4Close the current open program
Ctrl + F4Close window in the current program
Ctrl + Plus keyAutomatically adjust widths of all columns in Windows explorer
Alt + EnterOpens the properties window of the selected item
Shift + F10Simulate right click on the selected item
Shift + DelDeleted programs/files permanently
Holding shift during boot upBoot safe mode or bypass system files

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